THE VENTURE BRAT regularly publishes content contributions from non-staff writers. So if you want to write for us, this page is for you.

We publish unique, informative, and up-to-date content on business insights, interviews, and news coverage.

Our target audience is startups and small business enterprises in Kenya and East Africa.

With a particular focus on the people powering SME businesses, our content profiles emerging talent, recognize excellent personnel and highlight innovative businesses and ideas.

NOTE: Information on this page does not apply to sponsored articles, advertisements, or press releases. Contact us now for details, or see available advertising opportunities.

Therefore, The Venture Brat‘s editorial scope encompasses the people, businesses, and resources to aid their course.

Write For Us – Quick Links

Guest post contributions

To realize our goal of wholesome coverage, The Venture Brat accepts and publishes quality contributions from our readers and the public.

Our ideal contributor is a business owner, startup founder, management consultant, or an employee in a small business or startup.

We also publish quality articles by journalists, business leaders, topic area experts, students, and any other person passionate about business and related issues.

For regular readers, subscribers, patrons, and fans of The Venture Brat, there is a specially accelerated editorial process awaiting your story submission.

How to write for us

To feature on The Venture Brat, a contributor may pitch the editor via email or submit a ready article directly using the UGC Dashboard.

User-generated content (UGC) submissions must meet all of our editorial conditions for publishing before submission.

Articles submitted directly must correspond to our editorial topics (categories) to be considered. These articles may also take longer to publish depending on backlog.

Our Categories

Your article should fall within at least one of the categories appearing in the dropdown menu. You should also read through our blog to grasp our focus niche and style.

However, article pitches on opinion and news-based commentary (analyses and critiques) do not have to fall within one of our categories to be considered.

Articles pitched to our editors are published at the earliest opportunity in line with our editorial calendar.

News items and news-based commentary articles will be published immediately.

Types of content

The Venture Brat content variety allows the most qualified persons to submit their contributions. At the moment, we publish articles, videos, infographics, images, and a lot more.

Consult the editor whenever in doubt.

All content submissions to The Venture Brat must comply with our editorial content quality guidelines, including Kenyan copyright law, impartiality and objectiveness in reporting, as well as our style and formatting guides.

All these are included in your The Venture Brat Author Pack, also received upon registration via the UGC Dashboard.

Write for us – How to pitch

  • Write to the editor;
  • Format subject line as: “Main Keyword – Proposed article title”;
  • Include other keywords and why your article fits The Venture Brat in the first paragraph.
  • The second and FINAL paragraph must give a summary of the proposed article.

While other keywords might change, your final article must focus on the main keyword pitched.

All news-based commentaries must be submitted no later than 10 hours after said news broke.

The Venture Brat will not publish articles submitted to other outlets, blogs, or any other online publishing platforms.

Why write for us?

So why should you get featured on The Venture Brat?

  • Because guest posting is cool, see benefits to your business;
  • Receive author byline;
  • Do-follow link to your website; and,
  • Share your knowledge and help our SME venture brats.

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