Kenyan startups building the best small business solutions
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Being a small business owner in Kenya can be very tough. This fact has contributed to the thousands of success stories with exceptional approaches to business. It has also led to thousands more with failed businesses. But every obstacle is an opportunity, and a select group of Kenyan and Kenya-based startups continue to development small business solutions suited to the local market landscape.

These startups are the focus of our article today.

The companies herein works to resolve the decidedly tough market that is Kenya, especially for small businesses. There are principal huddles that one has to overcome and some of them can be financially draining to your business.

A good example is logistics and related support for online businesses. This is mainly a hassle for people running e-commerce businesses. However, there are startups that have come to remedy many of these troubles for us.

Today, we’ll spotlight some of the pinnacle companies working to make the running of small enterprises for owners a bit simpler.

Kenya-made small business solutions

In compiling this exclusive list, we focused small business solutions that are both innovative and effectively suited for the small businesses that are the bulk of Kenya’s economy.

1. Pick-Up Mtaani

Pick-Up Mtaani is a start-up in the logistics industry in Kenya. It makes use of technology to help deliver secure shipping offerings to its clients. It makes use of M-Pesa to enable impervious digital payments between businesses.

Kenyan startups building the best small business solutions

The startup works with local shop owners who act as pick-up stations. As a business owner who makes use of Pick-Up Mtaani, your clients will pay directly to Pick-Up Mtaani.

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After confirmation of payment, you can drop off the items at the chosen local Pick-Up Mtaani agent and you do not have to worry about how the items will get to your customers.

This is handy as you save a lot of time that could have been wasted in setting up meetings with your clients to deliver to them.

As a business owner, you are not charged as only the client is charged Ksh 100 for deliveries within Nairobi and between Ksh 200 to Ksh 250 outside Nairobi.

2. Sendy

Sendy is another fast-growing logistics startup that has found success in the local market. However, it’s Sendy Fulfillment, the company’s third-party logistics and fulfillment platform that’s turning heads in a hitherto competitive market for delivery service providers.

The service helps ship items for e-commerce businesses and consumer brands to clients throughout Africa.

Today, Sendy Fulfillment enjoys a 92 percent success rate and has onboarded more than 100 thousand e-commerce merchant customers.

As a business owner, all you need to do is register on the Sendy Fulfillment platform. You then add your items on the platform. When a customer buys, you make an order for the items to be picked via the platform. Sendy riders will pick the items and take them to the consignment stores to package it.

You will be in a position to track the items all the way till they reach your customers. You will be charged 13 percent of the price of the items that will cover all the costs. You can get the Sendy Fulfillment services via their mobile app. The app is available on the leading app stores.

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3. Lukhu

Lukhu is an online marketplace centered on fashion. If you sell any kind of fashion, from mitumba to designers, this is the platform for you.

All you have to do is download the Lukhu app from Google Play Store or go to their website and sign up as a seller. You then take lovely pictures of your items and post them with the price and description on the platform.

Once a client makes a purchase, the cash is held in a e-wallet and you cannot access it till the purchaser receives the items and is satisfied. If they are not satisfied, the items are returned at the customer’s expense.

The company charges fees of up to 10 percent of the value of the goods.

4. Qoba

Kenyan startups building the best small business solutions
Qoba official logo. Credit:

Qoba is a software company that helps businesses manage their daily operations. This is achieved through having unique software program tailor-made for every need.

This ranges from monitoring cash flow, intuitive inventory management, building client relations, understanding sales, growing your business with clever insights and managing your team.

It becomes tedious to keep track of workflow and cash flow in a business. Qoba offers a perfect solution for you. You can request a demo for your business by visiting their website.

5. Churpy

Churpy is a fintech startup that operates in the fintech, financial services and payments sectors. They help businesses to reduce DSO, track account balances in real-time, generate debtor insight and credit analytics through self-service dashboards.

They also help reduce your supply chain risk by originating working capital financing for your suppliers in conjunction with our partner banks, which include Sidian Bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered, and NCBA Bank among others.

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They charge 10 percent of the incoming payments you receive. You can sign up by visiting their website.

6. OkHi

OkHi is a company that term themselves as “The world’s next generation addressing system”. Customers that shop online more often than not do not have physical addresses to provide for a delivery to be made.

OkHi solves this by helping businesses verify customer address through their phones.

This system can be very useful too when collecting debts as the collector will have an exact location. It also helps prevent fraud customers. You can request a demo by visiting their website.

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Oscar is a copywriter, software developer, and start-up founder interested in startup businesses. He writes about emerging technologies and thought leadership

Oscar Karah

Oscar is a copywriter, software developer, and start-up founder interested in startup businesses. He writes about emerging technologies and thought leadership