apply for KRA Tax Compliance Certificate
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The KRA tax compliance certificate is an official document issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority as proof that the individual or entity in question has filed and paid all their taxes as required by the applicable laws of Kenya.

Otherwise called a tax clearance certificate, the document is only issued upon application and may be given to:

  • Taxpayers seeking tenders with government ministries and institutions.
  • Employees leaving service or seeking new job opportunities.
  • Taxpayers seeking liquor licenses.
  • Clearing and forwarding agents.

KRA tax compliance certificate validity

All tax compliance certificates issued by the KRA have a 12-month validity period and must therefore be renewed upon expiration for continued use.

Registered taxpayers can apply for the compliance certificate through the online iTax platform. The document is sent to the applicant’s email address, where the taxpayer qualifies to receive a tax compliance certificate.

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You can now check if your Tax Compliance Certificate is valid using the new KRA M-Service App.

How to apply for KRA Tax Compliance Certificate

apply for KRA Tax Compliance Certificate

To apply for your KRA tax compliance certificate online, one must follow a set of steps through the online iTax portal. The process to obtain a KRA iTax tax compliance certificate online involves the following;

  1. Visit the KRA iTax Login portal.
  2. Login to your KRA account by typing your KRA iTax PIN number, password, and security stamp.
  3. Click on the ‘Certificates’ tab.
  4. Select ‘Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).’
  5. On the new window, type the reason you are applying for the TCC and click ‘Submit.’
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You will be taken to a new window written ‘Application for tax compliance certificate has been submitted successfully. You will be prompted to download the acknowledgment receipt for the tax compliance certificate.

At the bottom of the downloaded acknowledgment receipt, you will be told
Note: Dear Taxpayer, your application for Tax Compliance Certificate has been received through KRA front desk.

This application will be forwarded to the concerned area officer for further processing. Please follow the instructions given in the email and produce the necessary documents.

After a few days’ wait, you may receive a regret written “Rejection of Application for Tax Compliance Certificate” KRA contact centre.

Or you can receive another email with an approval one as below. The email will come with your Tax Compliance Certificate attached to it. Download it and print it

KRA customer care contact details

Below are the official KRA customer care contact numbers;

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Vani has a keen interest in investments, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.