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A lot more people in Nairobi are open to and use online merchants for a variety of their shopping needs. As a result, some of the best delivery services in Nairobi have set up their routes within the city to help deliver these purchases to customers, run errands, and generally power eCommerce.

Indeed, times have changed immensely, with shopping runs and parcels not always done by the individual. Similarly, errands have been on the rise across the city, with a combination of tough economic times and increased demands on our time making delivery services a feasible business for founders.

A lot of people have barely any time left in their hands to do everything they wish to do. This has led to the need for a fast and reliable Delivery service globally.

Thus, using these delivery companies will save you time. They also eliminate the hardships and inconveniences previously related to sending or receiving your products.

Best delivery services in Nairobi

Are you in Nairobi and searching for a reliable delivery company? Then this is a timely read for you. We shall discuss the best delivery companies that you can contact to deliver your orders to your doorstep and on time.

1. Glovo Kenya

Glovo is a popular delivery company that was founded in 2015. Its operations in Nairobi have bridged the gap between suppliers and their clients.

All you need to have is their app on your phone and make your order. The best part of this company is that their delivery is not limited.

They can deliver anything provided it can be carried on their Boda Boda delivery bikes.

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2. Fargo Courier

For over a decade, Fargo courier has conveniently served the people of Nairobi and Kenya at large. The company has offices in most parts of the country with Nairobi being its headquarters. 

You can count on their customer services thanks to the over 700 employees whose goal is customer satisfaction. The delivery services of this company are diverse and unmatched.

3. Roy Parcel Services

Whether you want the same-day services, one-hour express service, or overnight courier, Roy Parcel Services got you covered.

The company has been in existence for over 2o years with unmatched transport and logistics experience. 

The fleet of motorbikes and trucks that the company boasts of makes its services efficient and reliable. Its distribution network is properly managed to run within and outside Nairobi.

4. Timeless Courier

It is a leading delivery company that provides exquisite delivery services in Nairobi. The delivery charges of Timeless courier are pocket-friendly thus accommodating everyone. 

The team at Timeless Courier will deliver whatever you need at any time without delay. This is the best company for anyone whose orders are time-sensitive.

5. Haraka Delivery Services

With its location at the heart of Nairobi city, Haraka Delivery is easy to access and work with.  The company became famous when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. It has since become the most preferred by online small business people within Nairobi. 

They have a team of professionals to give you services that are worth your money. Haraka Delivery company has dramatically grown its business, boasting lots of both corporate clients and individuals.

Their riders transverse the city anytime doing deliveries in different parts and on time.

6. Tez Logistics

Whatever your delivery needs are, Tez Logistics is among your number one plug. The company is located in South B Nairobi and has been offering excellent delivery services since 2007.

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Whether you want gifts delivered to your loved ones or you have bulky packages, Tez gives you a guarantee of having them on time and in perfect condition.

7. G4S

Mention G4S anywhere in Nairobi and everyone will be telling you about the company’s reliability in delivery. 

Once you request their services, you will not need to worry about delivery since your parcel will reach you on time.

Their delivery services are diverse and range from overnight, same-day, or one-hour delivery. Their main headquarters are at Lusaka Rd, Nairobi.

8. Speedball Courier Services Kenya

 SpeedBall Courier has for a long time been leading in delivery solutions. This has led to the growth of the delivery company which has been in leaps and bounds since it was founded in 2016. 

It has a heavy presence in Nairobi and you should not doubt it whether you want a home or office delivery. If you have parcels or packages that you want to be delivered quickly, Speedball Courier services are the best for that. 

Deliveries within Nairobi are mostly done by motorbikes and all of them are same-day deliveries. The company has an ordering and monitoring system and custom packaging solutions.

9. Leonary Fast Delivery

This delivery company is located at Village Plaza, Ngara Nairobi. They are known for the best individual, corporate, and door-to-door deliveries. 

Delivery requests are made on the company’s website which is also where the cost of delivery is highlighted. Instead of worrying about goods reaching you or your clients on time, Leonary Delivery spares you time so you can attend to your other important businesses. 

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Once your parcel has been dispatched, you will be notified either through an SMS or email. And therefore get ready to receive it. Additionally, the company’s website is structured with ease of use so you can contact the drivers or riders quickly. 

Once the delivery is completed, the client gets proof of the same with all the details of your order and a signature.

10. Jumia Kenya

While Jumia is not a delivery company per se, its internal delivery services are advanced enough to rival any on this list. This is a household name in Nairobi thanks to its diversity in delivery services. It has been consistently efficient thus gaining trust among many Nairobians. 

This online delivery store is also known for real-time delivery of parcels and all you have to do is request their website. Jumia Express delivery is one of the advantages of Jumia and you can be sure that you will be a satisfied customer.

Life in Nairobi continues to become more demanding and busier. This leaves many people caught up in their business or offices hence the need for delivery services. 

Delivery companies have stepped up to ensure that anyone has access to their services thus making life easy. 

What do you think about our list of the best delivery services in Nairobi? Did we miss any that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Vani has a keen interest in investments, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.

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Vani has a keen interest in investments, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.