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Saving is a term that every financial adviser regarding finance management emphasizes. It is considered one of the major paths to financial freedom as it helps during emergencies, cushions against sudden job loss, limits debt, prepare one for retirement, etc. But which banks have the best savings accounts in Kenya?

However, starting a savings pool or fund is easier said than done since it requires thorough personal discipline and sacrifices to reap the benefits stated above.

While stuffing money under the mattress can be one’s saving idea, it is widely recommended to use various financial institutions like SACCOs or banks because they provide security and interest options for one’s funds upon maturity.

Best savings accounts in Kenya

However, choosing the right savings account might deem cumbersome for newbies, which is why we have made the below summary to aid you in your choice.

BankAccount NameMin. AccountBalanceMin. OperatingBalance
ABC BankYoung Star10001000
 Pure Savers50005000
Bank Of AfricaChama5,0005,000
 123 Cool Kids500500
 Savings Individual5,0005,000
Bank Of BarodaSavings  
ABSA KenyaTimiza  
Consolidated BankDream Saver2,0002,000
 Diamond Saver100,000100,000
 Foreign Current2,0002,000
 Vuna Chama2,0002,000
 Fixed Deposit50,00050,000
Co-operative BankHekima  
Credit BankMy Saver1,0001,000
 Bumble Bee2,0002,000
 CB Soko  
Diamond Trust BankSavings1,0001,000
Ecobank KenyaEcobank  
Equity BankEazzySave
 Junior Member200200
 Teen Member200200
 Achievers Student
 Call/Fixed Deposit100100
 School Fees20,00020,000
Family BankTujenge200400
 Mdosi Junior1,0001,000
 Extra Cool200100
First Community BankBusara5,0005,000
 Young Community1,000 
 Foreign Currency  
 Invest Plus  
Guaranty Trust BankGT Save2,0002,000
Guardian BankGolden50,00050,000
 Chemi Chemi5,0005,000
 TamuTamu Junior500500
Gulf African BankSasa Children1,0001,000
HFC KenyaJunior treasure  
I&M BankFixed deposit50,00050,000
 Flexi deposit builder  
 Young Savers1,0001,000
 Online Savers  
Jamii Bora BankBora enterprise savings1,0001,000
Mayfair BankSavings10,00010,000
 Children Savings10,00010,000
Middle East Bank KenyaSavings1,0001,000
National Bank Of KenyaAhadi1,0001,000
NCBA BankGold2,0002,000
Oriental BankNormal savings500500
 Share financing10,00010,000
Prime BankPrime Saver10,00010,000
 Prime Junior5,0005,000
SBM BankPebble2,0005,000
 Instant Saver2,0005,000
Sidian BankPremium10,00010,000
Spire BankSpire Savings2,0002,000
Stanbic BankPure Save  
Standard Chartered BankDiva Chamma2,0002,000
 Safari Savings2,0002,000
 Safari Junior2,0002,000
Transnational BankFixed Deposit50,00050,000
United Bank Of AfricaGeneral Savings1,0001,000
 U Care  
 Gold Account25,00025,000

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